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Browse my collection of supplements, self-help nutrition books, CDs and other health and wellness products here! My goal is to fill gaps of care your doctor doesn’t using all natural means. My series of published self-help nutrition books will allow you to do the inner work you need at your own pace and in the comfort of your home or office. I am dedicated to providing all the tools that inspire and enable you to take care of your health at home through private consultation, group workshops as well as my series of self-help nutrition books. Healthcare is not only about the visits to a doctor. There are always opportunities to do your best to improve your health at work and home. I create tools to help you set and achieve your personal wellness goals at home.


Ask me about a custom cocktail that’s right for your health goals. Nutrametrix provides professional supplement solutions that work for many of my patients.

NutraMetrix Custom Cocktail

Custom Cocktail by Nutrametrix Market America

The Custom Cocktail by Nutrametrix is my all-time favorite health product! It allows me to help people wearing my two favorite hats. As a health care professional the Custom Cocktail allows me to formulate a powdered product that is specific for the health concerns of my individual patients; who bring biochemical individuality.  My patients love it because it’s easy to take, is well absorbed and works quickly. As a founder of Naturopathic Coaching, I love teaching other health care professionals such as health coaches and medical doctors how to include patient-centered nutrition solutions in their practice.

Click the photo to take the NutriPhysical Nutritional Analysis.  This online assessment conducts a health interview to determine your specific nutrition needs. Contact me for more information!

*Please allow 3 weeks for Custom Cocktail to be made after you’ve placed your order.

21 Day TLS Challenge Kit

149.95$ Plus Shipping


Therapeutic-grade essential oils

I am constantly diffusing these oils to unwind, inspire, refresh the air and help my patients with their health goals.  Young Living Oils are high quality and many are ingestible.

NutriClean 7 Day Detox System

46.25$ Plus Shipping

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