Current Patients

Hi, I want to welcome you back into my practice! I’m so honored you have chosen to continue working together on improving your level of health and symptom reduction! For all current patients, please choose your preferred package below. Or if you prefer to make an appointment, speak to my team of health professionals, or place an order for Nutrametrix, Gene SNP, Supplements, Young Living Essentials oils & more, call toll-free now at 1-844-441-9661. You can also Book Online through my online calendar! I look forward to meeting you again soon because you are very important to me! I aim to support you as best I can.

I am honored to provide health service and products to you,

Dr. Millie

Use the options above to purchase visits. Then remember to Book Online in my online calendar or call me toll-free at 1-844-441-9661.

Please Note: Due to the high demand for service-based work, all appointments will be charged at the time of booking. Please respect our cancellation policy. In case of late cancellation with under 48 hours notice, a fee of $75 will be held. If you need to cancel, please call toll-free: 1-844-441-9661.



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