My Story – How I Became The Expert

Maybe you’ve known you need some help with your health and nutrition for a long time, but you haven’t known where to turn.

Maybe you are very health conscious and think you have learned a lot, but it’s still not working.

Maybe you are really busy and don’t have time to figure out the best approach.

Maybe you’ve tried other nutritionists in the past and haven’t gotten the help you need.

Maybe you are just realizing you need help as you’re reading this, and didn’t know this kind of help was available until right now.

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, you need an EXPERT.

My name is Millennia Ruth Lytle – aka, Dr. Millie.

I got into the business of helping people as a result of some life-changing experiences I had while I was in college.  Here is one story that has always stayed with me.  Listen here or read on:


I had moved to the big city of Toronto at the age of 19, and I was putting myself through college by working as a live-in nanny.  The family I was working for was very health-conscious. In addition to raising the little babies, I was also trying to work on the family’s nutrition – along with my own. I had been raised with a garden, organic and vegetarian food, and I loved to cook. So naturally, I felt I was fully capable of cooking for a family.

But at some point, for some reason, I stopped making my mother’s recipes and started paying attention to a health guru named Susan Powder. She claimed if you don’t eat fat, you won’t be fat. I was a little heavier at that time than I was used to, maybe from my habit of a block of cheddar cheese per week! (Remember I was a stay-at-home nanny!) So, I listened to shock-blond Susan Powder, and started making delicious low-fat chocolate chip muffins, dry cereal, granola, and plain crackers. But what I noticed was, I actually started gaining weight. Not only did I gain weight, my mood started to get worse and I began to get acne breakouts on the sides of my face. Even worse – I began thinking about food all the time. I had insatiable cravings for Rice Crispies cereal, New York flatbreads and toasted Gryfe’s bagels. I was eating two to three high carb muffins per day (apple sauce instead of the oil!) I remember the foods exactly.

I was shocked that I had developed such an appetite. I wanted to stop, or to figure out something I could do to get off this bad spiral. I tried restricting food and running daily. I even tried going to McDonald’s and chewing the burger without swallowing. I remember sitting in a McDonald’s on Bathurst Street in North York, chewing a hamburger and spitting it into my napkin. VERY UNSATISFYING (not to mention embarrassing!) In fact, I could never be satisfied at all.

I was clearly overeating, and then the bingeing started. At the end of the day, after I had been so good, I would tell myself: I can’t possibly make up all the calories I would have eaten throughout the day. So I would eat a row of cookies, a few bowls of cereal with low fat milk or yogurt and some saltines. Then, because I was consuming so much food at once, I would vomit to ease my discomfort. I would head off to my college class, having just binged and purged.

Throughout this time, I realize now how disconnected I was from the foods I was eating. I was desperate to look better and feel better – but instead, I was actually making myself sick both inside and out.

This is biochemical. When you starve the brain of an entire set of nutrients, you are going to crave others. This wasn’t my fault, and it isn’t yours, either. Eating should be joyful and pleasurable!

It probably sounds strange to call this “lucky” – but I had an accident in November of 1996, which essentially protected my health for life. I fell down the stairs and broke my jaw in 3 places, along with several teeth. I couldn’t move my mouth for 3 weeks, let alone eat. All I can say is, this accident was a major wake-up call. I stopped thinking about food, calories and fat. I started paying attention to healing myself.

Healing myself took years – much longer than it took my jaw to heal. It took a long time for my spirit, self-confidence and sense of self to return. But in the process of healing myself, I became a Naturopathic Doctor. Now, I know how to help other people heal their body in a year or two, as opposed to 5 or 6 years, like it took me. Time is a healer for sure, but you can fast-track it, at least to some extent. Time can also make disease worse, so this is why it’s integral to get on a helpful program now that offers enough  time to make some lifelong changes.  How will you use your time going forward – healing or hindering your health?

I hope you won’t have any devastating experiences like I did in order for you to wake up and stop being cruel to yourself.

Since that time, I spent 20 years in the nutrition and natural health industry. In addition to being a licensed Naturopathic Doctor, I have been trained in psychotherapy, mindfulness, Ericksonian Hypnosis and more. I have earned a Masters’ in Public Health and my certification in Holistic Nutrition, as a Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS). I live in Brooklyn, NY where I operate a clinic and consulting practice. But, I have also found that the internet is a great way to communicate with people, seek help myself and help others! My online program, Eating for Meaning, teaches the key principles and provides the tools you need to transform your relationship to food.

I have spent innumerable hours reading the research, conducting research myself, working with hundreds of clients both in my office and online, taking courses, learning hypnosis, psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, nutrition, sports medicine, nutritional public health, functional medicine. You name it – if it helps people with their health and nutrition, I have learned it.

Now, I know how to help other people heal their bodies from the inside out. After over a dozen years of honing my skills, I am no longer the patient, I am the doctor.

Not all diet-related health issues are obesity, anorexia and bingeing. Some of them are expressed in the body as:

  • blood sugar problems and diabetes
  • cholesterol and fatty liver
  • depression and anxiety
  • allergies
  • indigestion
  • immune and autoimmune disorders
  • chronic pain
  • high blood pressure
  • cancer

Many people suffer from many of these problems, but guess what? These diseases are all related to the foods you eat – and the foods don’t eat. They can be alleviated through proper nutrition and other natural options that are readily available. If you are struggling like I was with addictions and confusing thoughts, there’s help for you.  We are all unique with our own story, so if you’d like to tell me about your own unique health issue, please email me and share your store, or comment at the bottom of the page. Whatever unique health issue you have, I can help you understand your body’s reaction and fill you in on how your diet is making things better or worse.

I have made it my life’s purpose to go against the grain and help you heal yourself. Working with me may seem like an investment. And it is! Truth be told, it’s worth it’s weight in gold. Because that’s what health is worth!

Dr. Millie

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